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by:Coolmay     2020-06-23
Preface: with the rapid development of industry, manufacturing industry also follow. As everybody knows, manufacturing depends on the number of the diversification of products and orders to take profits, it can't avoid, multiple products in one production line at the same time do a variety of products, so that production but also produces a problem, how to classify? If by artificial classification, face is the high cost and low efficiency. This is definitely not the boss of the solution. Here to introduce a hybrid products through the more letters PLC automatic classification of an example.

a hybrid product classification system illustrates 1

2 control requirements. A, B, C three kinds of products in the circulation of the conveyor belt, conveyor belt turn CAM every week, products from one point to move to another point, the conveyor belt can flow six products.

2。 Products before entering the conveyor automatically through three identification sensor to detect the product type, type A product will be in point 2 to A product by electromagnetic valve box, type B products will be sent at 4 B product box, C type products will be sent at 6 C box.

3。 Each product after confirmation to the corresponding product box, solenoid valve will automatically reset, press the reset button, all memory data reset, the system resume work on the detection and classification process.

three I/O allocation table I/O control)

'. 1 A product identification sensor A product into the conveyor belt, I0. 0 status to ON

'. 2 B product identification sensor B products into the conveyor belt, I0. 1 status to ON

'. 3 C product identification sensor C products into the conveyor belt, I0. 2 status to ON

'. Confirm sensor 0 A product, A product into A box, I0. 3 status to ON

'. 4 B confirm sensor products, B products into the B box, the I0. 4 status to ON

'. 5 C product confirm sensor, enter C C products box, I0. 5 status to ON

'. 6 CAM detection photoelectric switch, detection to the CAM, I0. 6 status to ON

'. 7 reset button

Q0. 0 solenoid valve A

Q0. 1 solenoid valve B

Q0. 2 four part program solenoid valve C

program can be written separately according to the actual situation, the more the letter of PLC S7 - can be used 200 programming software programming, configuration picture according to the need to write, don't do that here.

five summarizes the application of PLC controller can make the life and production more convenient, use PLC as the core to control, its circuit structure is simple, unit circuit respectively through the schematic design, design completed by the ladder diagram language. Through the above scheme, using the PLC and the letter some sensors and equipment, completed the classification of hybrid product, the user can according to the demand, improve the above scheme, make it more suitable for the required functions.

zone based on PLC and touch screen technology, realization of GPRS remote control of the PLC to realize the letter product mix design of automatic classification based on the British witten human-computer interface, PLC, frequency converter corpora woodworking sealing side machine technology in pairs the British witten IVC2H type PLC application in the woodworking machinery equipment the British witten IVC1 - 1614 mat1 series PLC and touch screen in the application of the circulation fan control system
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