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by:Coolmay     2020-06-24
In steel pipe production process, need to sorting of different length of steel tube, using by the photoelectric sensor, encoder, transport channel, double plate, steel platform, steel pipe production line, automatic sorting of proximity switch can better solve the problem. In this system, the Siemens PLC control transport roller and plate turnover will be within the scope of a certain length of steel tube placed in the corresponding material in the basket, the tube can be automatically sorting, and make the sorting accuracy reached 100%.

in the steel industry, as a result of the need of production process, to the steel pipe shall be carried out in accordance with the length of the separation, at present, adopt the way of artificial separation, this kind of production process not only waste a lot of manpower and material resources. Study this problem with PLC and PC control transport roller and plate turnover, instead of manual work.

1。 Automatic sorting production composition and hardware configuration of automatic sorting production line control system is composed of industrial computer and PLC, industrial computer as the system of the upper machine provide personnel management, statistics inquiry, process monitoring machine status display, parameter setting and communication, etc. PLC control of the actuator is implemented under the machine and through RS - 232 c and industrial computer for real-time communications. Production line is mainly composed of long measuring and sorting station. Long measurement is made up of 1 ~ 6 parts, sorting station is made up of parts.

control core using the letter OYES 300 PLC programmable controller, with a high speed technology module, 16 points 16 point output module, input module can meet the requirements of the system.

system structure diagram below

2. The design of the control system of 2. 1 long measuring a

a domestic steel pipe manufacturing steel tube length in the range of 5 ~ 12 m, if the steel pipe transportation, from left to right in the table on both sides of the layout of the photoelectric correlation 21 sensors.

0 photoelectric sensor to 20, 12 between photoelectric sensor. 4 m, encoder by measuring wheel drive in between 0 and 1 sensor, long can meet the test requirements. Encoder work status is as follows: when the steel pipe transportation from left to right, trigger measuring wheel on the right side of the proximity switch, lift cylinder rise, long wheel in contact with the steel tube, and, by friction measuring wheel with steel tube in a rotation, and drive the encoder, the course of carriage, tube end every time he passed a pair of photoelectric sensor, high speed counting module reset. Photoelectric sensor working status is as follows: by steel tube cover the sensor input signal is 1, not obscured by the input signal is 0. Steel pipe movement to the right trigger 0 photoelectric sensor, photoelectric sensor reading the PC status and high speed counting module count value, the length of the photoelectric sensor tag for L1, the length of the encoder markers for L2, then the length of steel tube for L:

= L1 - L L2

length measuring end, encoder, PC storage L value. Steel pipe by the transport roller conveying to the sorting station.

2。 2 sorting station

2 # roller steel pipe after measuring arrive, close to switch detects the steel pipe has come, and the feeding plate turnover action, the steel tube to steel platform, if the location of PLC detected after steel platform is ready, the blanking plate movement, the steel pipe to 2 # roller, roller is controlled by PLC and plate turnover will steel tube into the corresponding basket. If a steel frame at a time through a steel tube, then control it would be easier,, but when a basket is full, you need to control the steel material in the turnover not action, this time in order to not affect the production efficiency, in front of the station after measuring the steel pipe to hoarding in a steel frame, and a reliable basket after cleared, in carries on the sorting.

steel pipe in steel platform in hoarding, how to realize the corresponding length of pole number and tracking, when the steel tube on a steel frame hoard, by upper and PLC across steel frame number and cooperate to achieve corresponding to the length of the track, the specific process is as follows: steel pipe arrived in 5 ( 2 # roller) , PLC detected by the proximity switch on the 2 # roller steel, the PLC control in the steel platform for material plate turnover action and a machine up signal feeding success, PC receives the signal after the right steel platform in statistical number and shall be given the corresponding length; PLC steel bench has been detected blanking plate movement, if 11 ( 3 # roller) Proximity switch on steel tube were observed after PLC machine up signal of material success, PC receives the signal after the right steel platform in the length of the steel tube statistical quantity will decrease along with the corresponding to a length of middle PLC controller, the PLC reads the middle bit and pass by and compare the preset value, by PLC in the steel pipe which one should enter the basket, and then control the transportation roller to steel pipe transportation to the corresponding material basket, after being stopped roller, plate turnover action to set steel tube into the basket, and then the length of the PLC in the middle for the reset, so cycle so as to realize the separation of the steel pipe.

3。 The definition of the PLC software design of PLC control port, as shown in table 1

4. Conclusion through the application of PLC automatic sorting in steel tube production line makes the reliability of the control system and to improve the work efficiency greatly, reduce the labor intensity of workers. In this scheme the field operation proves that effect is good.

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