The PLC and kingview, the letter in the new type wall material industry to realize the whole workshop equipment remote control - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-23
Introduction: with the countries of wall materials for restricting or banning the production and use of clay brick, Commonly known as the red brick) And encourage the development of new wall materials of new policy, new type wall material industry rapid rise all over the country. New wall materials with light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, energy saving, saving soil, decoration and other excellent features. Using new wall materials not only make the house function improved, still can make the building more contemporary breath, meet people's aesthetic requirements; Some new type wall materials can significantly reduce the building self-respect, create conditions for promotion of light construction structure, promote the modernization construction technology, greatly accelerate the construction speed.

a, technological process of wall materials quality, rely on the traditional relay control of old equipment, is can not meet the requirements, the domestic most do wall materials equipment manufacturers chose to use PLC to control, the solution is to use the the letter below 200 series PLC and kingview to complete control of a complete set of production equipment. Each device by a single letter of the more CPU224C with digital and analog switch to complete control of every equipment by the Ethernet module connected to the switch, all the equipment can be made of the whole workshop is a computer for remote control.

process flow diagram

2, batching system ( One of the equipment) Batching system, wall materials technology is one of the most important link, is directly related to the quality of the product, as the chart control screen, ingredients is to cement, lime, aluminium powder, cooperate with slurry and water after measuring mixing process, each raw material need through measurement, through the PLC controller data real-time feedback on the computer, products, corresponding to the amount of material is different, can be directly in the picture. Can be automatically can also manually ingredients. The control to the system requirements for the measurement of the various raw materials is very high, so for the operation of the PLC speed and computing power is very high, and the system to control the amount of very much, chose the model selection of the faith CPU224C bring some the more digital and analog module and Ethernet communication module ( A total of seven extension module)

three, summarizes the adopted the PLC and kingview to control a remote control of the whole workshop equipment, greatly reduce the cost of personnel, improve the quality of the products. Computer screen can be real-time monitoring equipment running status and change the data, in order to better control of each device. Ethernet communication mode for each computer can control the whole workshop equipment, production data automatically generate reports, make production running state, become clear, make management more concise and effective.

convenient PLC brings us much more than this, let us learn together and solve with PLC industrial control problems, with PLC and convenient our life.

technology section of the PLC and kingview, the letter in the new type wall material industry to realize the whole workshop equipment is programmed the letter the PLC in the plastic processing plants to improve the application of injection molding machine manipulator Pilz PSS 4000 automation system, boost natural gas pipeline to achieve highly automated operation and monitor PSS 4000 automation system, power Pilz potato chips production packing line high efficiency work of Siemens and soft holdings of the cooperation, boost development of tire manufacturing
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