The PLC output transistor - good or bad judgment method

by:Coolmay     2020-07-07

the DO output points of PLC module, generally can be divided into the transistor output and relay output, such as Siemens 200 SR20 and ST20 SR20 is relay output, ST20 is transistor output!

DO module of transistor output generally have high-speed pulse output function, can be used to drive the servo motor or stepper motor! Output and relay output is not very high speed pulse signal, nature also can't to drive the need of high-speed pulse equipment!

the above said is simply the PLC controller module in the transistor the output of the knowledge, how to judge the output transistor is bad, the programming for the first DO some output, can see that point output electric signal?

this figure is the DO part of the Siemens ST20 PLC wiring diagram, 0. 0 - 0. Seven of the eight dots are transistor output, if above the connection mode, D00. 0 this point are output in the PLC program, I draw the red line of 0. 0 the terminal has a DC voltage is present, if is DC24V power supply, then 0. 0 this terminal should be output voltage signals DC24V +!

in the same way, in the PLC controller program to 0. 2 the address output, 0. 2 the voltage signal of the terminal should also exist DC24V +!

when output to that point in the PLC program, but on the terminal measurement without DV24V + voltage signal, can doubt is that point the transistor output function of damaged!

of course, DO a point, not the output, may also be a terminal plug and circuit board connection out of the question, may also be other components on the circuit board out of the question, may also be a transistor welding problems, which requires specific analysis, whether can come true because transistor damaged!

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