The principle of PLC touch screen control

by:Coolmay     2020-06-05
Touch screen is short for HMI, namely the man-machine interface, look from the name, it is a tool for man and machine interaction.

touch screen is of the essence of virtual instrument, used to replace the switch button, ammeter, voltage meter, thermometer and so on various operating and monitoring devices. Especially the switch button, monitoring instrument number very much, with a touch screen interface and relaxed, not only give a person feel cheerful and pleasing to the eye, more important is to save the cost, wiring and components and equipment looks more tall.

this is the essence of the touch screen, as an aside, small make up I saw some equipment at the scene of the rows of button lights, operators a few hands busy not to come over, will be the design thought of this LOW, forcing deep despise! And some of the equipment factory of electrical engineer in the design project, always said the touch screen is not reliable, intuitive use button, small make up also ha ha a smile, remembering a: ace ratio.

ordinary switch button is through hard wiring to control PLC, PLC and touch screen is the communication control. General touch screen family standing, PLC from the station. Early are using a serial port communication such as RS232, RS485. With the reduction of the cost of industrial Ethernet also gradually popular. Also has a part is used bus communication, such as CANopen, ProfibusDP etc. , but are less common, usually in special industries or special device.

PLC touch screen control, communication control of frequency converter and PLC used is the same, touch screen as a communication master station, to read and write as from the stand of PLC. In fact, the PLC programming software can understand into a touch screen, it is also to manipulate the PLC controller by means of communication. So, must make clear principle of automation, instance, such ability get twice the result with half the effort.

first of all, let's look at a program

as shown, the program of the mean, starting a motor, after a set time, automatic stop. The traditional way, we are using the button to start, the time setting is in trouble, usually made of fixed, to change the time, can only change program, obviously, this is not possible. In this case the touch screen was born.

as shown in the above, we added a in configuration software PLC1, means, to establish a communication connection, touch screen and PLC touch screen family station, PLC from the station. PLC touch screen can read and write data. This station and PLC family, read the frequency converter of truth is the same.

touch screen control principle is to read and write from the station address, also, the frequency converter and PLC, speaking, reading and writing are the same. So, industrial control, control principle, this is very important.

, for example, we want to modify the setting time, d_xT0, first of all, we see it in the label of PLC address

, as shown in the above d_xT0 address is to do, so we only need to establish a written in touch screen D0 element can

as shown in the above, we set up a numerical input element, its operation address is to do, so, when we are on the touch screen operation, is the king of PLC controller address written in D0 value.

this is the principle of PLC touch screen control, other such as start stop for operation, too. So, study industrial control, is the master principle, instance, rather than learned a few instructions smug.

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