The Raspberry PI and Arduino - industrial environment PLD - development board

by:Coolmay     2020-06-18

Raspberry PI and Arduino board is fast electron molding and family DIY is very famous in the application of equipment, but their functionality and flexibility in industrial environment to a great extent, it remains to be evaluated.

Raspberry PI and Arduino with programming is flexible, customizable signal types and the advantages of easy to adapt to the existing equipment, bring about many benefits for industrial applications.

, for example, they can become a substitute for common industrial equipment, low cost and flexible, for small traditional industrial system add remote control and monitoring functions.

industrial environment using this kind of development board of the three most common problem:

& sect; The robustness problem in industrial environment

& sect; Safety

& sect; Industry standard information protocol issues

the robustness problem in industrial environment

there exist multiple Arduino and Raspberry PI reinforcement version available.

like Industrial Shields company based on the Arduino PLC controller and Raspberry tablet computer hardware is included additional robustness, can meet the needs of the industry.

in addition, there are a variety of industry standard shell has been specially developed to adapt to the two boards. Security

& other; Based on hardware such as Raspberry and Arduino board is industrial application security solution? ” This could be the most controversial topic online. This problem is not a simple answer, it depends on many factors.

depends not only on PLC controller industrial application security problem, also with the integrity of the whole project, how to implement the system and software, how to consider safety related in project design.

this is an interesting engineer the debate between, it is to view security problems from different angles.

case study & ndash; Fortaps company adopts Industrial Shields of PLC based on the Arduino factory automation production.

industry standard communication protocol issues

this is the flexibility of the Arduino and Raspberry PI. On the basis of the Modbus protocol developed specific libraries, between the two boards can communicate through their protocol.

the Modbus is by Modicon ( Has been the Schneider electric company purchase) For the programmable logic controller ( PLC) The development of a serial communication protocol; Now is the most common communication protocol, suitable for many manufacturers such as Omron automation, Opto 22, Mitsubishi and Schneider.

the Modbus is widely used in the industrial environment: the main reasons for

& sect; For industrial application development

& sect; Free published

& sect; Easy to use, installation, and maintenance

& sect; Restrictions on suppliers rarely

the Modbus allows multiple different devices connected to the same network communication together, no matter what OEMs ( Prototype equipment manufacturer) 。 Between different equipment from different vendors to communicate the requirements become more important than the fourth industrial revolution; 4. 0 and industrial IoT gave the Modbus second life.

the following will introduce how the Arduino hardware and SCADA based remote control HAVC ( Heating ventilation and air conditioning) System.

  SCADA ( Supervisory control and data acquisition) Is in the communication channel ( In each remote station often use a channel) Coded signals operate on remote monitoring system of another industry. Arduino SCADA library are also published.

by PLC of the HVAC system of remote control based on the Arduino


as long as the special project design to ensure safety, the Arduino and reinforcement of Raspberry PI version can be valuable and reliable replacement mature industrial equipment ( Especially in the case of small traditional industrial system to connect to the Internet) 。

when the electronic new Raspberry Pi 3 type B

when the electronic ( RS组件) Now launched the latest Pi family members & ndash; The new Raspberry Pi 3 type B! New main board not only is very suitable for learning to program, playing games and program design, is a perfect choice for the application of IoT project!

technology section mill electronic united wisdom pu launched MYC Y6ULX series core board, bulk price 99 yuan learn PLC control circuit design, get twice the result with half the effort in to learn these methods ST accelerometer using base paper - — Single click, double click mill technology strong launch the world's first ATMEL A5D2X core board based on Dragonboard 410 c implementation sqlite3 database storage and management
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