The sea for the C10S0T series PLC application in weather stations measuring wind system design - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
Interest group one, the project is put forward: school, put forward the need to measure the wind, first consider using simple method, dry reed pipe and magnets, according to the dry reed pipe and to determine, but in the actual making, found that the mechanical part is not easy to achieve. So change plan, choose ready-made, wind speed and direction sensor and PLC communication, on a touch screen display.

actual making: purchase, wind speed and direction sensor for PLC C10S0T connected with sea, through programming, realizing the collection of wind speed and direction. After further request: measuring the temperature and humidity, and measuring the current people are more concerned about PM2. 5, and have corresponding display and voice broadcast, in this case, because C series can't expand, then modify the plan, to switch to the S series.

specific drawings is as follows:

among them, touch screen display control SK - 043 ae

host U0 for S16S2T

U1 as H04DT

U2 for S01RS

U3 for S01RS

U4 for H08DOR

U5 as H16DOR

U6 for H16DOR

U7 for H08DOR

figure 1, system general layout

figure 2 shows the overall picture

circuit inside the figure 3

due to limited space, device is more, can only add up to place.

PM2 figure 4. 5 sensors

figure 5 PM2. 5 module debugging

because of its output for TTL signals, 5 v power supply. PLC controller is 485 communication, so need through the TTL - 485 conversion circuit, signal transformation.

figure 6 voice broadcast module

12 v power supply, communications, 485 white inlets for speakers.

figure 7 wind and air quality indicator

figure 8 wind speed wind sensor

figure 9 touch screen

screen can display the measurement parameters, and the clock can be set up. There are two kinds of voice broadcast: broadcast and touch screen button to broadcast the hour.

figure 10 humidity display and wind direction indicator

around eight lights, indicate the southeast northwest and southeast northeast southwest northwest

figure 11 temperature display and the direction of the wind instructions

around eight lights, indicate the southeast northwest and southeast northeast southwest northwest

green indicating temperature minus digital tube for the 5 'Yang digital tube

3, conclusion of PLC, the easier, instruction is rich, especially in the aspect of communications, do is very flexible, bring great convenience. In addition, in terms of the simulation, also has a unique advantage, is a rare PLC.

technology zone of sea for C60S0T series PLC application in the PCB wet process equipment designed for sea C10S0T series PLC application in weather stations measuring wind system design for sea PLC application in the intelligent ventilation system internal testing of the sea for the C series PLC in automatic extracted oil palm fruit heater application design of the sea for the application of PLC in machine design
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