The sea for the C32S2R series PLC in the control system of the powder filling machine applications - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
In the sea for an event sponsored by the science and technology co. , LTD. It is my pleasure to get a across the Taiwan strait for C32S2R PLC, thank you very much! Immediately after get the PLC in the study for the website to download the video and programming software, at the same time under the sea for a lot of help from technical team successfully completed the writing of the program. Just use the PLC S22 - in my company 06 series powder filling machine control system transformation, before replacing the old single-chip microcomputer control system. Figure 1

sea for C32S2R PLC control system configuration, and the powder filling machine appearance

S22 - 06 series powder filling machine is my company production of one of the main equipment of the electric heating tube, main control part of the powder filling machine adopts automatic control components, has the product stability is good, the production of electric heat pipe to fill the characteristics of high powder density, compression failure rate is low; A support 24 manifold filling and automatic production at the same time, reduce artificial auxiliary time, make the production efficiency is greatly increased; Little leakage powder, magnesium powder utilization ratio is high, reduce the pollution to the environment, improve Labour standards; Easy to operate, without special skills for production workers.

below to introduce a method of operation of the equipment and function.

1, the work station of composition and the function of ( 1) Touch screen: the main parameter Settings, prompt operation, work process, induction, instructions, manual/automatic conversion control, reset functions;

(figure 2 touch screen interface 2) Frequency modulation controller: adjusting the motor speed to control catheter upper and lower speed;

( 3) Oscillator adjusting knob: regulate oscillator frequency and the amplitude;

( 4) Button switch: start machine button ( Green) , abrupt stop button ( Red) 。

2, operation method, 1) Parameter adjustment: touch the touch screen parameter key, enter the parameter setting mode, can be set up to follow, delay oscillation, and length, if you want to change the corresponding data, can be set according to the requirements of process. In case of catheter and core rod is too long or too short, can according to the urgent stop press reset again, to adjust the parameter Settings.

( 2) Reset: press reset the touch screen to return to the initial setup, can make the equipment when the midway stop equipment, or equipment on the manual adjustment, all needs to press this button, the other hand also provides a reset button in the picture, the same function. Note: please do not click this button automatic powder filling condition, otherwise will lead to a catheter loss.

( 3) Automatic: according to the automatic can make the equipment in the process of automatic work, and work in the operating instructions and process interface display upcoming action and equipment working condition.

( 4) Manual: according to the manual into manual operation mode, can be in accordance with the required action at this time, press the touch screen corresponding action key can be a single action operation, more commonly used in the machine and replacing product categories.

( 5) Frequency modulation controller set ( Reference function of frequency converter set) 。

( 6) Oscillation adjustment knob: according to the requirements of electric heat pipe, appropriate adjustment knob, an oscillating voltage regulation, another for oscillation frequency regulation.

( 7) Automatic production operation procedures: before entering the automatic production cancel all manual operations, and, in turn, press reset and automatically, and then watch one line below the operating hints. If show placed hollow tubes, and the work flow for origin status display, and flashing lights on both sides, this show equipment ready, can be placed atc. Tube in place, press the green button on both sides at the same time, the device will begin to work. When the operation hints shown below is hung electric hotline, to electric hotline can be hung on the hook. Hang up after the second press the green button at the same time, the hotline will be pulled into the hollow tubes, check whether the terminal pin is placed correctly, and then again to press the green button on both sides at the same time, continue to work. When the device to stop working, and took the tube and display, on the foot switch, being good powder tube can be removed. Take tube placed after the touch screen and display atc tips, it can repeat the process for production.

3, figure 3 console part of PLC program figure 4 PLC program

sea for PLC in the process of using relative domestic other brand PLC high stability, strong compatibility, and fully functional easy-to-learn programming simple and intuitive, technical support is in a timely manner. Xiamen sea for more intelligent technology co. , LTD. Continue to research and development products, later can directly with the smartphone to the PLC programming perfection!

technology zone of Siemens SMART series PLC application in the hemodialysis water treatment equipment design for sea C32S2R series PLC in the control system of the powder filling machine is the application of Siemens S7 - 200 SMART series PLC controller in natural gas, the application of hydraulic compressor design SINUMERIK 840 d nc system, SL reality five-axis blade head and tail frame synchronization control processing center of Siemens S7 - 200 the SMART series PLC controller application in the edible fungus cultivation process control laboratory
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