The sea for the C32S2T series PLC in the press - the application of the control program design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-12
Glad to become a sea of PLC free trial user, receives control program of PLC start to write the punch, the sea for software useful instructions is very intuitive and convenient, because the trial version is the sea for the PLC C series does not support high-speed input and output, but supports RS485 communication this is very good, can use communication control feeder frequency converter to realize automatic following the host punch down start acceleration and deceleration.

due to the original punch using omron PLC control system, the lubricating oil pump control problems caused by waste lubricating oil, Will add two days time, the actual work half a month plus a can) Company without omron communication cable don't change the original control program, this time can make use of the PLC to solve the problem of lubrication oil.

first designed to count way to start the oil pump, oil pressure test switch is used to determine whether the lubrication is normal, and with the original machine feeder, start-stop way is relay control delay stop, faults speed high frequent start relay easily damaged, communication control of frequency converter is used after changing uniform feeding, convenient and practical to reduce failure, improve production efficiency to reduce maintenance costs. Figure 1

PLC programming software interface

figure 2 PLC program online monitoring

figure 3 sea for PLC C32S2T

figure 4 control cabinet close-up photo

figure 5 punch panorama

figure 6 control cabinet panorama

find the problems in the process of using the debug:

sea for PLC controller program control frequency converter operation is normal, is running after the PLC communication power communication control of frequency converter is still in normal operation, therefore I into consulting for technical support, technical support told me that the sea for PLC does not support power to stop the communication mode of frequency converter; In the production line running process prone to accidents.

found can't use the single input button ( An input point) Along with rising or falling control of an electric motor and protect stop;

there is hope for PLC controller sea T series support simulation CAM interpolation control as soon as possible, because my company developed mechanical need this function, otherwise will add electronic CAM controller costs;

CAN bus to control the development and the G code directly input control support is also very practical.

technology zone sea C32S2R S04AO module and PLC controller using experience summed up the sea for C32S2T series PLC in the press of the application of the control program design for sea C60S0T series PLC application in the PCB wet process equipment designed for sea C10S0T series PLC application in weather stations measuring wind system design for sea PLC application in intelligent ventilation system of the internal test
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