The sea for the C60S0T series PLC application in the PCB wet process equipment design - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-12
Our company is PCB wet process equipment manufacturers. This kind of equipment is chemical equipment, control logic is simple, according to the requirements of the production process to select different load can be put into operation, to the performance requirements of PLC is not high; But the device using the environment is bad, air humidity, corrosive, is the test of the stability of the PLC in harsh environments and longevity. Figure 1

for PLC - sea C60S0T

figure 2 control cabinet panorama

this trial I choose for device before the actual running environment is relatively good green oil processor. Process is:

equipment into the plate, pickling, washing, grinding plate - water - high pressure water washing, blot and strong winds blow dry, hot air blow dry - out of the plate.

figure 3 PLC program 1

figure 4 PLC program 2

figure 5 PLC program 3

figure 6 PLC program 4

when a photoelectric switch induction into the plate to a circuit board in the load is in turn open equipment paragraphs, oil, acid pickling section of spray on the board surface dust and dirt cleaning, acid pickling washed wash panel behind, and then the circuit board into the brush with grinding mill for grinding plate to plate surface oxidation layer, grinding plate processing, first use the overflow water clean the copper powder, and then use high pressure water cleaning circuit board inside the pore copper powder, then through blot, strong winds blow dry, dry hot air to dry the circuit board, the last is the board for the next working procedure; Please refer to the appended drawings for actual situation.

figure 7 a plate

figure 8 into the board figure 9 grinding plate

figure 10 water

figure 11 pickling

figure 12 panorama

figure 13 touch screen picture below

said the advantages and disadvantages of the sea for PLC, with short time, are all personal humble opinions and is for reference only.

advantages: 1: the programming software friendly interface, simple and convenient use, help content rich, the basic function of each instruction has a detailed case program, any other brand of PLC controller experience with technical personnel are in a very short time to master the sea for the use of PLC.

2: soft element number, the timer has 1024, far more than other brands the same PLC controller. Soft power components keep area can be arbitrarily set, each timer time base can be arbitrarily set, let a person shine at the moment these two functions.

3: strong communication function, the sea to have a place for users to do the difficulty, incredibly even don't have to write their own polling 485 communication, used to the sea for PLC technicians if switch to other brands may be more difficult. Insufficient

: ( For reference only, do not take it seriously)

1: beautiful appearance design is not enough, black shell visual quality is low. ( Omron PLC is also a black shell, feeling giving a person is composed inside collect, atmospheric high-end grade)

2: run the dip switches operation is not convenient, why don't you like other brand exposed.

3: need extension module configuration information in the programming software, personally think that not necessary, but like other brands of PLC automatic identification extension module physical configuration.

technology zone of sea for C32S2T series PLC in the press of the application of the control program design for sea C60S0T series PLC application in the PCB wet process equipment designed for sea C10S0T series PLC application in weather stations measuring wind system design for sea PLC application in the intelligent ventilation system internal testing of the sea for the C series PLC in the application of the extracted oil palm fruit heater design automation
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