The sea for the N60S2T series PLC application in the production line for green building design - Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-12
A, application scenario construction machinery years of career, I met a lot of technical workers, talk about the domestic technology, talk about technology development of china-made material impact on technological progress, every year there are different companies send me experimental products, electronic components, new material, control the mainboard, single-chip microcomputer, as well as PLC, including the sea for quality and service is I've always thought is very good, is worth us study domestic industrial enterprises. To work a good Billy, sea provides a tool for us, our quality will follow up, support domestic support national products is that we always need to do.

received for the product, shine at the moment, has improved than before, the first appearance of not losing to import brand, fine workmanship, beautiful and generous; Second software programming is simple, in line with the thinking of the people. The program of PLC used in automatic production line of steel structure design, due to the progress of the industrialization design problems, temporarily in the steel plate bending machine ( The old machine) Reform of the electric experiment, changing the original mechanical contactor control to PLC control, to optimize the original mechanical properties, make it to continue to serve in green building lines.

2, modified steps we take a look at some of this equipment to improve and programming:

1, original Angle is 2 manual adjustment, human is not accurate, now just use the Angle sensor, PLC automatic adjustment, the precision of Angle control in 0. 5 degrees, which greatly improved the precision of Angle, have positive significance to the promotion of the quality of the product, the programming procedure below.

2, cancelled the original time relay, only delay control with PLC

3, changed the original size of artificial measurement, automatic measurement with PLC pulse encoder.

4, in order to experience the stability of the PLC, the PLC controller is installed on the original time relay location, close to the power supply into line, almost overwhelming PLC.

5, after half a month of operation, the normal work of the PLC and stable, and reform our desired effect.

3, experience with

after more than a month of time programming, installation, commissioning, everything went well, first of all, programming is very accord with national conditions, do not need to specifically to learn, humanness is higher, in line with the people's thinking, the favorable procedure call subroutine plates, reduce duplication of the writing time of program; All of the instructions there are instances, not afraid of you don't do well, the enthusiastic service of the service at the same time, even if you don't know anything, will make you understand.

we will follow-up the sea for PLC used in the production line on the development of green architecture, use of the sea for configuration combined with VB programming to form independent development such as green production line.

technology zone of Siemens S7 - 200 SMART series PLC application in the edible fungus cultivation process control laboratory set sea for N60S2T series PLC application in the production line for green building design for N type PLC, for the precision of the leadscrew working long hours and repetitive design validation yaskawa a1000 inverter connect line? Yaskawa inverter wiring diagram to sea for the application of PLC controller in the grinding machine production line design
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