The sea for the N60S2T series PLC automatic control design - in the soldering machine Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-12
One, the application background of the rapid development of electronic industry, the high frequency and high frequency transformer inductor type and applied more and more, the multiplexing of its production and high efficiency is improving, the machine before have been unable to meet the requirements of process and high efficiency production.

2, application compatibility requirements project requirements to achieve a variety of products, process more freedom to adjust, straight welding, a variety of solder side welding, welding way, and can store multiple files.

3, solution project mainly including the soldering manipulator, dial the tin body, flux, tin cup structure. In order to be able to make soldering machine straight welding, welding and other combination, and improve the precise soldering, solder three axial movement of the manipulator choose servo motor, so as to ensure the accuracy of solder requirements; Dial tin institutions in order to be able to adjust the decline of tin depth, selected the stepper motor, so it can adjust the touch screen height; In response to different size of the products, cooperate with manipulator solder, son tin cup of choose a servo motor control, to be able to cooperate with manipulator to apply a variety of products a variety of technological requirements. File data is stored in the touch screen, all files are free to collect, store, delete, etc. Four, hardware configuration,

figure 1 sea for PLC N60S2T

figure 2 equipment internal components

whole figure 3 equipment

5, the software design figure 4 high-speed pulse output program

figure 5 origin regression program

figure 6 data handler 1

figure 7 data handler 2

6, use experience through the trial, the sea for N60S2T this PLC has the following advantages: 1.

A variety of positioning instruction. Positioning of the PLC has about 10 instructions, to make up for the deficiency of small PLC positioning instruction is too simple. Instruction of modular design, easy to call, as deceleration pulse output pulse output, linear interpolation and circular interpolation pulse output pulse output, simple pulse output, more sections each instruction can be adjusted freely, deceleration time, can satisfy the application of different occasions.

2。 Control shaft more, faster. The PLC can control 8 sets of servo or step by step, general small PLC ontology can control 2 - Sent 4 sets of servo or step by step, the maximum rate of 200 KHZ pulses, general PLC controller 100 KHZ, let originally need to use large PLC device can choose small PLC, let customers save the cost and easy selection.

technology zone for C16S2R type PLC, used in the design of liquid filling machine in the sea for N60S2T series PLC in the soldering machine automatic control design for T24S0T series PLC application in the sea on the floor rolling load test equipment project yaskawa a1000 inverter used parameters and parameters of modify Settings for the T series PLC controller control system, used in accelerating seed germination equipment, improve the work of the accelerating seed germination
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