The Siemens PLC shallow setting and reset the role of instruction in programming -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-13
In this paper, the Siemens s7 - 200 PLC setting and reset of the two bit operation instruction in our programming, function also is very big, it can complete some, conventional normally open normally closed contact programming can't do, we can make the PLC program written in structured clearer, more simple steps.

they two in every time when using 99% of the cases are in pairs, as long as we use in a local setting, in another parts of the program will use the reset. So are you wait for me forever, I'm waiting for you, is not old as long as you want to me. Setting and reset the general meaning, setting is written on a bit (1 Output) , reset is 0 ( There is no output) 。 Here is to use. Figure 1

as shown in figure 1, is the Siemens s7200 PLC, start, keep, stop control circuit and program, we know that the right of the program, it is just opened and closed often written instructions, can complete the function of self-locking. We don't quite understand look at the last section. But in addition to the above introduction, the self-locking function can also use the setting we speak today and reset to complete the operation. Procedure is as follows. Figure 2

figure 2, the left is the use of PLC controller program written in a reset, write the program than before, have you felt much more clear and simple, and the right setting is reset each component of the operating instructions of decomposition, have written very clear need not speak. If still can't see looked down on, take a look at the PLC setting reset program execution.

as shown in figure 3, figure 3, this is PLC setting reset program setting steps:

1, outside often I0 when did not press the open button. 0 no connected, Q0. 1 setting coil, there is no output.

2, I0 when external normally open button. 0 through, Q0. 1 setting coil output.

3, loosen the external I0 normally open button. 0 disconnection without connection, although I0. 0 have not connect, disconnect but Q0. Still have 1 setting coil output, to achieve the self-locking function. Until a reset signal when it will be no output, this is the characteristics of setting the operating instructions.

is not simple. The reset operation. Figure 4

as shown in figure 4, this is PLC setting reset program reset steps:

4, external normally closed I0 when the button is pressed without. May not get through, Q0. 1 reset coil, there is no output.

5, I0 when external normal close button. 5 connected, Q0. 1 have reset coil output. It will place a coil Q0. 1, such Q0. 1 there is no output.

6, even if the external loosen I0 normal close button. 5 no connected, reset coil Q0. 1 is fixed to the reset state. Q0处。 1 there is no output, stop function is realized.

is also very simple. Everyone a look at figure 5 below.

figure 5 as shown in figure 5, it illustrates the PLC setting and reset operation instruction, one-time operation method, the use of multiple output bit when setting or reset operation instruction of the Numbers below is 3, it means when external normally open button, can one-time setting three dots, and keep, until a reset signal is generated.

setting that is PLC controller and the basic way of using the reset operation instruction.

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