The stepping system debugging method! Understand how PLC and stepping drive connection -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
PLC high-speed pulse output function is often used to control the stepping motor and servo motor with high precision positioning control, this paper learn step by step together system debugging method. Must first understand how PLC and stepping drive connections, usually based on the PLC controller output signal for the positive or negative can be divided into Yang connection and a total of Yin connection, as shown in the figure below:

output pulse and direction signals is negative, the total positive connection, such as mitsubishi, letter home brands such as; Output signal is positive signals are Yin connection, such as Siemens, etc.

stepper motor is enabled by default, when through to enable signal, motor is in offline state, so generally make can rarely use.

shown in the figure for two phase stepper motor, motor for four line, line of six and eight line, as shown in the figure below:

four line inside the motor is connected in series or parallel, the choice should be paid attention to when buy, can't change the way of your own, using flexible enough, usually used in small motor, such as 42 series step by step. But wiring simple, only need to distinguish between two phase winding is measured with A multimeter, no multimeter can also take two sub, rotate the motor shaft with the hand, if there is resistance, then is A phase, if no other combination switch test again, after discern the two-phase random A group received A + and A - And the other group received a B + and B - If the motor steering error, simply switch to any phase of the two.

eight line type judgment method and four wire type, need their combination, to meet the need of control combination principle is as follows:

and connection method: four two two phase and phase winding, the winding resistance and inductance exponentially decreases, and when the motor running speed performance is good, high speed with load torque, but the motor need two times the rated current input current, fever is larger, the driver output capacity requirements increase. Series connection: winding resistance and inductance increases exponentially, motor stability during low speed running, small noise and fever, to drive demand is not high, but high-speed torque loss is big. So the user can choose according to request four phase eight step motor wiring method.

6 line type stepping motor wiring is relatively flexible, high technical requirements to use personnel, by which three multimeter measure the first as a group, and the need to determine the center tap, method is to use the resistance measurement with two other root resistance to explain the close to tap in the middle. Judgment came out according to the use of different occasions with different connection mode, wiring method is as follows:

this connection is actually used in each group of two phase coil together, motor torque and high efficiency of some, but the performance is poor.

above two is the same effect, tap and connection at one end, on the other side is empty not access. The connection machine high speed performance is better, but each phase has a set of coil idle, small torque and lower efficiency.

the above two are connected to the single polarity drives. Two kinds of single polarity driven method for motor are the same, the difference is that drive internal processing, respectively. Due to the driving mode of single polarity power utilization bipolar drive mode, lower than many drive is connected does not support the single polarity.

knowledge of the connection of the motor and drive, we're going to learn how to drive the choice of power supply, the output current of adjustment and subdivision adjustment. Through the silk screen printing in the picture below will instructions printed on the surface drive.

power supply options: if the directions indicate a DC, only can use DC power supply. If instructions for AC, AC and dc can be used. Voltage as far as possible choose close to upper limit, the higher the voltage output current is smaller, the wastage of the stepper motor small high efficiency, so the torque and speed performance are better.

current and segmentation are adjusted by dial the code switch, SW1, SW2, SW3 control current size, according to the rated current of the stepper motor nameplate for Settings. SW4 full and half flow control function, when set to half flow, no input pulse motor is in a stationary state, drive automatically lose half current, don't need too much when applied to stationary self-locking force, to prevent the electrical heating. But when installed vertically, also need to overcome gravity when stationary need bigger self-locking force, are going to dial to the entire flow pattern.

adjust: segment SW5, SW6, SW7, SW8 four yards a combination control segment, the diagram indicating the value of subdivided need pulse stepper motor rotation number. Some of the brand mark for practical subdivisions, need according to the step number of pulses from the Angle of operation a circle.

after these have been set, you can use what they have learned the high-speed pulse output function to send pulse drive stepping operation. Do you learned?

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