The working principle of electric power carrier intelligent household system and matters needing attention

by:Coolmay     2020-06-10
Cult of the smart home using the latest power carrier technology, PLC controller - BUS. Using the power carrier technology of smart home products wiring method, it is very simple. First look at carrier intelligent household system principle. The system can be seen from the chart is very concise, main is to transmit and receive two parts. The installation of specific right now this two parts to do a detailed instructions. Before installing, preparations must be done well. First is installation tools must be prepared to complete, this is essential. Listed below two screwdrivers, wrenches, electrical tape, signal tester, etc. Tools ready is to check the situation of line. First determine whether three-phase electricity, if it is a three-phase electric to install three-phase coupler in power distribution box. The second step is to confirm the installation of PLC - BUS crystal panel or module switch box to be zero. This - of PLC controller The BUS is very important. Preparations are in place then I can start the installation. First introduced emission part of the installation. Launch part from the Angle of installation can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is plug and play; Is a kind of simple wiring installation. Plug and play of the main products are: mini controller, wireless repeater, global control telephone remote controller. These products as long as a plug-in can be installed on the power supply. The wireless repeater is used to match the remote control, because wireless repeater is sending a rf receiving remote control signal and then turn signal carrier to control equipment, so you also need to make the remote control and wireless repeater wireless for registration code. Need wiring products: micro controller and the controller double bond scene scene. Miniature scenes controller is the hidden type module, it is need to match the ordinary mechanical switch to use. Miniature scenes module can realize four road scene. Because the launcher, so just connected to zero firewire module, mechanical switch is through the module at the back of the five control line to connect, the black line is the public side, in the red, blue, yellow, green four lines to represent the four road scene. The function of double bond scene controller with miniature scenes controller is the same. Terminal controller is more convenient than the micro scene, as long as directly connected to the zero wire is ok. The said all the way around. Scene controller as a memory, the store in order to realize the scene effect in advance in the inside, For example: A1, A2, B1, etc. ) When startup scene scene controller will launch in sequence the storage instructions. To note, however, under the condition of three-phase power, install the three-phase coupler, the scene controller series products transferred to the three phase state. Receiving part can also be in accordance with the plug and play and simple connection class two. Plug and play products are optional plug-in products, only need to plug in the power set address can control. The first is the Australian electric plug at will, it is mainly used in the control of high-power electric power, as long as the electrical plug plug in a casual behind the socket, and then put the plug into the socket at random; Is another learning infrared controller, is mainly used to control the infrared electric appliance, the appliance can be switch operations (such as Such as the preset of air conditioning temperature, television's choice of the volume adjustment, etc. ) , as long as the learning infrared emission of the infrared controller on the infrared receiving infrared electric window, ( Need to set up before using infrared controller address code that corresponds to the infrared instructions) 。 Receive type wiring products mainly micro controller module, crystal panel controller and curtain. Micro module is common mechanical switch to use collocation, module above 220 v high voltage. A dual module, for example, the L and N line and zero line, control line 1 and 2 respectively by two street lamps, mechanical switch control module by module at the back of the three control line. Installed after set the address can use a variety of ways to control. Install crystal panel controller take the crystal panel down first, and then according to the logo on the product to meet good line, the L and N line and zero line, 1 and 2 respectively by two street lamp control line. Screws of the reoccupy after connected line switch, and then put the crystal panel button can be installed directly, finished device address can use a variety of ways to control. Curtain controller also points module and crystal panel type. To illustrate the module class for now. According to the annotation in the module connection: wire switch L terminal; Zero line switch N terminal; Output is a '1' connect motor phase, '2' motor phase inversion. Two mechanical switch control line, and then switch fixed to the standard of 86 cassette, installed. Wiring is as follows. Crystal panel curtain controller connection mode with the module. PLC controller - BUS system in some cases, some auxiliary equipment is required. More commonly used is three-phase coupler. Under the condition of three electricity will need to use three-phase coupler, it is the role of the received signal and then zoom in to each phase at the same time.
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