Think about the years myself communication way the detour - passing by

by:Coolmay     2020-06-16

a dozen old electrician mind

remember at the age of 16 choose to do this industry is driven by electrical love this career, that is because since the childhood like this one, are more than a decade now, the more do it, the in the mind has no bottom, remember when 09 electrician more than ordinary workers more than 1000 pieces, now I estimate is less than factory workers more than 1000 pieces, the earliest time what all don't understand, don't even know why 380 v is three wire, why didn't the zero line.

once try to looking for materials on books, but the book introduction to keep pace with equipment upgrades, even now the books introduce breaker switch! Electrical accessories or even a few decades ago. In 09 years at that time, the deepest impression is to learn the electrician must also learn skills from! ! Even change the contactor return would have to find a tool for an excuse to put you off! Alas! Is unconvinced, then use strong-arm reaction at that time of the most popular TV series: are two shoulders a head, who afraid who ah! Experienced mulling over themselves, being led various routines a dinner party, alas, which be like the children now even if you come out before him, my heart didn't even look at him.

think that a few years did walk a lot of detours, don't know the common sense, different closing correctly, don't know check electric power outage, do not know the high power motor, inverter, capacitor discharge. Start doing electrical the years had lost countless, now think it is a treasure, from what all don't know enough to look at the picture, will match ark, can repair the machine, the inverter will be amended, debugging servo motor, PLC and C in until now still trying to learn the language, unable to update equipment and industrial control products of quickly, the speed of learning can't keep up with the speed of the equipment update, especially of imported equipment, in addition to the need to crack the PLC password, still have to learn common industrial control language, thought oneself cook out, but the reality is always give you sobered.

run engineering outside himself, or back of one a sum of money, who do who knows, to work in a factory, to programming on repair equipment, down to the toilet pipes, which shall not be dry, and the guy with the same wages, equipment is broken, we have to wait for the electrician mechanic problem determination, we are always at the scene of the first runner, repair bad always is the inability of electrician is that we are electric! We have to club some skills! We can must be big! If we can, why this income zha has been couldn't get on!

there are leadership with kits in the factory around all day, that is inspection! Equipment to open up, one by one the same as the big ye in the rush, as long as it is leadership felt electrician is simple, just pick up a line, is it not so painting gourd a piece? Who ever care about the safety of the us electrician, who considered that we pay, the more to do, the more I think every day, but in addition we can also choose this career?

give you a pertinent advice, to the PLC controller and the C language, as long as it is involved in the programming of the class, you'd better consider, personal feel omron PLC controller is the most simple, most direct, the most easy to entry, PLC controller is generally only need to be proficient in one or two, such as Siemens, mitsubishi, future electrician can large scale integrated circuit, programming language based on various platforms, it may be our electrician after 80, 90, the only way out.

PLC control cabinet

advise to peers into the pit, electrician this line of danger, salary is not high, the risk coefficient is big, not taken seriously by people, the electrician this line is a huge hole! Into the pit need to be careful! Already into the pit of pit friends don't laze away! The electrician is not easy! Life is not easy, has been into the pit of still have to continue to do it! ! Send a few pictures, watchful of yourself! ! ! !

high voltage transformer fire

the power into the line of fire

high voltage transformer coil


dear friends electrician, point to pay attention to safety in the workplace, in this, wish every electrician can work safety and safe life.

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