Three kinds of wave soldering furnace temperature fault reason and solution

by:Coolmay     2020-06-14
Wave soldering furnace temperature fault, that is, three of the following: 1, not heating; 2, low temperature; 3 and overtemperature. In general, that is, wave soldering furnace temperature control. According to the three share the reasons and maintenance treatment method.

no, wave soldering furnace heating failure reason:

1, wave soldering furnace heating tube bad;

2, hair heat pipe connection disconnected;

3, leakage switch trip off;

4, silicon controlled rectifier damage;

5, wave soldering furnace overtemperature protection;

6, see if control software in the operating mode;

7, PLC controller heat signal maintenance processing methods:

1, change hair heat pipe;

2, connect hair heat pipe connection;

3, check the heating tube or whether there is a grounded circuit with short circuit, eliminate these short circuit, and then closed the leakage switch;

4, replace the SSR can;

5, rule out the failure of overtemperature ( Temperature controller parameter setting is wrong or bimetallic strip disconnect) Is now, the temperature control table manner overtemperature protection.

6, will switch to the operating mode of control software;

7 failure or PLC hardware failure, PLC program, make the corresponding processing.

2, wave soldering furnace temperature the cause of the problem:

1, some hair heat pipe damage;

2, thermocouple problem;

3, silicon controlled rectifier is in a state of half conduction;

4, fan not open;

maintenance treatment:

1, replace the corresponding heat pipes;

2, replace thermocouple;

3, replace the SCR;

4, open the fan can be

3, wave soldering furnace temperature is the cause of the problem:

1, thermocouple problem;

2, silicon controlled rectifier is in a state of half conduction;

3, fan not open;

maintenance treatment:

1, replace thermocouple;

2, replace the SCR;

3, open the fan;

here special remind, wave soldering furnace temperatures can reach several baidu, in the maintenance the wave soldering furnace must be scalded protective measures, so as to avoid accidental damage to the body.

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