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by:Coolmay     2020-07-06

TI PLC controller program can use the same set of the same hardware platform to support different standards, PLC controller OFDM carrier G3 standards such as France, Spain's Prime P1901 standards and IEEE. 2 standard. So no matter what is your final customers with standard, TI is unified hardware platform. Due to the software's flexibility, TI also can be customized for different applications and different environmental standards, such as Flex of OFDM and low cost based on PLC controller Lite F28035 platform, etc.

a: electric meter side hardware platform is introduced

TI PLC meter side hardware block diagram

can be seen from the diagram above, TI PLC module is mainly composed of two chips, AFE031 + C2000.

AFE031 as the analog front end, integrated with receiving and sending two parts. C2000 is 32 - Bit MCU, PLC AFE driver layer, physical layer and MAC layer, adapter layer, link layer, and GUI interface layer are provided in the form of library in C2000.

overall, the whole circuit of the receiving and sending signal path is as follows:

to send link, between AFE031 and C2000 is SPI bus interface, C2000 sends good OFDM modulation signal through the SPI to AFE031 chips, DAC is contained in AFE031, through filtering and PA, will eventually OFDM signal amplification power modulation to the power line.

to receive link between AFE031 and C2000 is all the ADC interface, AFE031 accept part contains two levels of the filter and programmable gain amplifier. C2000 through internal integration of 12 bit ADC receives after AFE031 filter amplification of OFDM signal.

TI PLC hardware physical carrier is illustrated below:

2: electric meter side C2000 software architecture:

1) Table side C2000 Prime protocol software architecture is as follows:

table end Prime agreement C2000 software architecture

2) Table side C2000 G3 protocol software architecture is as follows:

table the Prime agreement C2000 software architecture

3: lateral concentrator hardware platform is introduced:

concentrator carrier side of PLC hardware block diagram is as follows:

concentrator, C2000 and AFE031 remains the same, increases the ARM926 a TI.

TI chip for AM180x can for customers to choose. AM180x and C2000 between commands and data to communicate via a serial port.

if the user has not yet mature concentrator, the user can choose to use TI AM180x to complete the concentrator and Prime/G3 protocol stack functions; If the user already has a mature concentrator design, also can use alone AM180x Prime/G3 protocol stack work.

4: concentrator and lateral ARM926 C2000 software architecture:

C2000 and ARM926 based on the Prime standard software division of labor is as follows:

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