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by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
PLC way of working and general microcomputer are not identical, therefore with PLC controller automatic control system design and development process of the microcomputer control system is not exactly the same. Need according to the characteristics of the PLC, with application form to embody its control function. The design can be carried out in accordance with the steps in the picture below. Determine the scope of the control object and control details about the controlled object control requirements, determine the action and complete the order must be completed and induces the work cycle and flow chart of state. Selected PLC controller hardware design according to the product, understand the use of performance. The information provided by random based on the actual demand, at the same time, considering the design of the software programming of open circuit, drawing electrical control system general assembly drawing and wiring diagram. The software design, 1) Along with the hardware design can set about software design work at the same time. Software design according to the requirement of control is the main task of the transform process flow diagram for the ladder diagram, this is the most critical problems of the application of PLC, the writing is the manifestation of the software design of the program. When programming advice will use soft relay ( Internal relays, timers, counters, etc. ) List, indicate the purpose so that programming, debugging, and system operation maintenance, overhaul time reference.

( 2) At the beginning of the program also become simulation debugging. Download the design program by editing tools to PLC control unit. Join the test signal by external sources, through a variety of status indicators understand the situation of the program is running, to observe the changes in the relationship between the input/output and logical status conformed to the design requirements, and promptly modify and adjust the program to eliminate defects, until meet the design requirements. The scene debugging in the case of initial setting of qualified, connect the PLC and the scene equipment. Comprehensive inspection before formal commissioning the entire PLC controller control system, including power supply, grounding line, equipment, cables, I/O connection, etc. In guarantee under the condition of the whole hardware connection is correct to send. Decorate the PLC control unit works as a 'RUN' began to RUN. Debugging repeatedly to eliminate all sorts of problems that may occur. Can also according to the actual demand in the process of debugging the hardware properly modify the old software debugging. Shall be maintained long enough to run time in fully exposed and correct the problem. Trial run is no problem after can be in curing program has the function of memory storage for a long time, and make a backup ( Should be at least 2) 。

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