To talk about a KUKA industrial robot and S7 - Step - 1200 PLC to realize Profinet communications

by:Coolmay     2020-06-04
The content to simply talk about KUKA industrial robot and S7 - Profinet communication steps to implement 1200 PLC controller.

step 1: complete the hardware connection

cable to KLI port on the control cabinet are connected at one end, and the other end is connected to the switch, PLC is also connected to the switch ( Switch no model requirements) , switches connected to the computer again. Specific wiring diagram as follows:

step 2: the computer, PLC programming, KUKA is set to the same network segment, Because KUKA underlying causes, had better not change robot IP address)

( 1) New project in the Po road, software, and add new equipment, is to add a S7 - Type 1200 PLC

2) Click on options - Add the device description file - KUKA robot GSD file to import, the GSD file can be found in KUKA robot teaching implement storage directory to find, also can direct messages to find electrical technology of micro small make up for class.

( 3) The installation of GSD and KUKA equipment configuration

4) Set up after the above ( Including PLC address) , you can compile downloaded to the PLC. PLC will be submitted to the red light after the download is complete, because the next level fault components, which have not set the robot side, can't connect to the next level component, so an error. Can also use this method to judge whether the connection is successful.

step 3: WorkVisual set

KUKA step 4: choose Profinet activation, add Profinet, DTM, detailed setup below

step 5: double-click Profinet set

step 6: to signal mapping

generate code first, and then downloaded to the controller, the attention on the controller to confirm

step 7: robot side signal confirmation:

, one side is the mapping of the IN ( 。 。 ) Side, PLC is in Po figure to KUKA equipment setup IO address

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