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by:Coolmay     2020-06-02
1 introduction

with the rapid development of modern industry, is not suitable for ordinary human labor intensity is high, the requirement of working conditions. As the improvement of robotics, a robot with a high efficiency, stable quality, strong commonality has been favored by more and more, and widely used in flexible manufacturing line. At present, the industrial production of transport, welding, painting and other heavy work has been gradually replaced by robot, in addition, special robot in deep-sea exploration, fire disaster, and other fields have been applied [1]. In the early 1970 s, some developed countries abroad robot entered the practical stage. Application and improvement, after more than 30 years of research at present both in terms of technical level and equipment number, represented by Japan and Germany a few developed countries have an absolute advantage [1]. Such as Sweden ABB KUKA, kawasaki heavy industries of Japan, Germany, etc. In China & other; 863' Plan has been to study included the robot, the development has a good stability and practicability of the robot is widely appreciated by the enterprise. This paper mainly introduces a kind of pure software movement control based on SMP kernel robot control system and its practical application in welding.

2 system overall structure

SMP system is the Soft ServoSystem company research and development based on pure software movement of PC control kernel. The SMP software runs in containing Ardence‘ S RTX under Windows system, through the main computer CPU real-time motion engine operation, with closed-loop feedback, multi-axis interpolation, movement process and PLC controller logic operation function. Can match VersioBus optical fiber, Panasonic RTEX, Yaskawa MECHATROLINK, Mitsubishi SSCNET and looking 40 and other servo communication network [2]. The FPA - is used in the robot control system 200 adapter card with panasonic A4N series servo system build communication platform of the system.

2。 1 system as a whole structure

SMP system running environment for Windows/XP, to use the ordinary PC hardware or IPC performance is more stable, high-speed CPU cores with pure software interpolation and the way of PLC operation, and through the standard PCI slot and FPA 200 to establish bus communication, through the FPA - Above the 200 adapter card network interfaces and optical fiber interface directly with A4N servo drive and connect the I/O. Using CPU for pure software operation, save the independence movement control CARDS and PLC equipment, effectively reduce the hardware cost. Through the FPA - 200 optical fiber interface, can be further extended I/O module, increase peripheral auxiliary functions. The overall structure is shown in figure 1.

2。 2 SMP software architecture

the bottom layer of SMP software module contains three scalable real-time engine: PLC engines, SMP engine and SMP parser, three engine cycle each other to cooperate to complete motion control arithmetic. Give the underlying CPU module highest priority treatment. SMP upper module is used to perform the SMP controller, such as application of load, parameter setting, file management and the operation of the user interface. Using Ardence RTX real-time extension on Windows, SMP Real - TIme DLL intermediate link layer to the upper application modules can be real-time call and read the underlying module movement engine data and system status information [2].

3 robot hardware

hardware structure of the robot is composed of four parts: industrial computer and touch screen display box, FPA - teaching 200 RTEX network adapter card, panasonic A4N motor and servo drive and robot ontology.

industrial computer hardware of the system operation, teaching box software interface of the application of object-oriented operation directly. FPA - 200 on the IPC standard PCI slot with host bus communication, power adapter card work also provided by the PCI bus. FPA - 200 RX and TX two network interface structure, using 100 MBPS Ethernet networks will joint servo drive together, and with 0. 5 ~ 1 ms cycle speed of six joints servo drive for high speed loop control and programmable deceleration control [3]. Communication system has a very high responsiveness and stability.

servo motor directly installed on the robot joint, from inside the machine line. In the bottom of the robot with a standard air plug connected to the servo drive. X5 A4N servo driver interface provides a rich I/O contact, through the PLC programming, the X5 interface I/O point on the complete control of the welding torch to equipment, as shown in figure 3.

this system adopts the SMP - 850 8 axis interpolation linkage control can be realized. Through the FPA - IM - 200 VersioBus optical fiber interface extension 300 I/O modules, can be increased to a maximum of 416 input/output points.

technology zone working principle of linear motor, a penny read servo motor electronic gear setting method than servo system is the basic requirement of _ _ servo system servo system is the basic component of the PID control algorithm is the essence and parameter setting for motor control more accurate? Should be designed so that a new generation of ac motor
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