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by:Coolmay     2020-06-28
I'm sure a lot of people so all hardware are not on hand, just like me, now I hand only a S7 - inside 200 PLC, no touch screen, so can't to use what PLC controller touch screen to control, that should I do?

Siemens for S7 - 200 using PC software WINCC control system, specially developed a software, called 'PC ACCESS'

is this software, the function of the software has a lot of, interested can go and ask the baidu, I'm only tell about how to use it to and S7 - 200 communication and data transmission, one might ask the WINCC and S7 - 300 can be seamlessly connected to MAO and 200 is so difficult? The answer is 200 is too low, you satisfied with it.

but low-end to low-end, nothing can stop a S7 - 200 want to heart and PC communication. Request

today application example is also very simple, is to use the WINCC on the computer to control PLC, and then let the PLC control a desk lamp of my family.

simple before talking about control we want to know how to use the new software.

PC ACCESS using abstract:

in this case we'll be the first to open the software to the configuration before we need variable, this with wincc flexible 2008 have a little similar, but remember the wincc and wincc flexible 2008 is two different software, use is different also.

create a new PLC

I was named a 224 xp PLC, a new variable in the PLC controller program, as shown in the above.

write the name of a variable in the project properties, as well as the address, name it can't have any Chinese with punctuation, be sure to keep in mind. We name means 'M0 writing time. 2 '.

well, all variables can be used to establish a complete, after the completion of the to save, or all in vain.

save the software can permanently shut down, step to the mission of this software has been done!

let's open the WINCC, communicate in WINCC setup!

WINCC part

well, we open the WINCC.

in WINCC variable management to add a new driver, the driver's name is called OPC

you remember? With S7 - 300 connection driver is S7 suit, at this time we use the OPC.

add after OPC right click, click the system parameter

double-click on the inside LOCAL, there will be a OPC

choose S7 -

in the end we will to this step, then all the scans to variable selection, click on add entries!

well, S7 - by this step Within 200 preset variables is related to the WINCC successfully, we can at any time in the configuration screen calls and use.

after new image, right click - we are blank - - - - - - - - - - - - Attributes, set the run, the size of the picture I like 800 * 600.

in computer graphics operation system of property on the window as shown in the above Settings.

is interesting next drawing configuration, button configuration, and input/output field configuration, which I will not be too much detail, are some of the variables associated, didn't contact with WINCC friend or jump to the traffic light control system, in which I have configured the detailed process and matters needing attention.

WINCC part to this is all over, etc. Will come back to run the system, so don't close the project first.

PLC programming part is an output light, plus a timing closure, so I just put the ladder diagram directly.

4 section of the program.


control of above three software

although is a small program, but I use WINCC after the 'big screen' to play the basis of other instances, so to understand is very necessary.

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