Using LTC2874 CQ output application of miniature incandescent - drive protection

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02

incandescent bulbs, has been described as 'a faint light of the heater,' is the goal of global government due to its inherent low efficiency. Higher power of the light bulb may be because of the growing efficiency standards and doomed to fail, but their miniature of similar products in the programmable logic controller (24 v PLC controller) Industrial environments, such as the system is still likely to have a brighter future.

24 VDC incandescent lamp is not open & # 39; This is a simple work of IC driver. Common tungsten wire is higher than the conductivity of thermal conductivity when in cold about 15 times. Therefore, in the light bulb, drive must be able to cope with almost short circuit does not overheat.

LTC2874 can safely operate up to eight light bulb. The method is as follows.

applies not only to the IO - The Link

LTC2874 four channel IO - is connected devices Link the main power supply and signal interface by up to 20 meters of cable. Work in 8 v to 30 v, each CQ drives the output source or absorbs 100 ma. It's enough to light microscopic 1 w bulbs ( 40 ma typical values) Light bulb (or 2 w 80 or 85 ma typical values) , is sometimes used to 24 VDC system.

each of the four CQ output can drive a lamp, while the other support IO - when connected to the smart devices 链接。 Four L + hot plug output power can also work, each output current to limit set by measuring resistance. This means that a LTC2874 can run eight incandescent lamp!

use CQ drives 28 v 1 w bulbs lighting

LTC2874 CQ drives the output ( L + power supply output counterparts) With flow circuit breaker and low duty cycle automatic retry circuit protection, can prevent overheating when malfunction or heavy load. As shown in the figure below, each CQ pin can use these built-in functions easily light 1 w bulbs. When the filament heating filament will produce high surge current, the drive will be opened and closed. Even if the duty cycle
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