Using omron CP1L - M40DR - A PLC device suction machine control system program design -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-28

1, suction machine description

suction machine is a kind of woodworking machinery, achieve the function of material such as wood of laminating. It is divided into single working table and double work table, mainly by the transmission device, heating equipment, pressure equipment, pressure device and a control cabinet, as shown in figure 1.

figure 1

work driven by a motor when the workbench will cover the timber of the membrane into the heating box, by a certain time of the heating membrane softening, and then through the film after vacuum pump pressure suction cover tightly to the wood, finally put the finished product is sent out. Work process is shown in figure 1.

2, PLC control of the suction cover machine

the unloading and loading process is done by manual, for double work table, suction machine, when a side job, on the other side can complete unloading and loading, and therefore, double work table suction machine than single working table to save time, high production efficiency. Based on double work table design, such suck machine can not only a single work, also can double work.

1) Control process

the system design USES the CP1L - omron company M40DR - A as the core of the control system, its characteristic is A high degree of automation, convenient operation, flexible programming, strong anti-interference ability, high safety, convenient in operation and maintenance.

by as manual/automatic selection at the 00100 level, as a stop at the 00101 level, 00102 and 00103 respectively, the workbench to start. In order to prevent the crash, only when the right of table right limit pressure, left the workbench can start; Similarly, when left the workbench's left limit pressure, right workbench can be started. When choosing manual manual/automatic switch, feeding, preloading, forming, pressure, discharge process, respectively by the corresponding button control; When choosing automatic manual/automatic switch, according to her left a table or right workbench start button automatically from send expect discharging the whole machining process. Key levels according to the workbench when left workbench allows to start the start button, motor forward will work material into the box, by time TIM000 set heating time, open the vacuum pump solenoid valves for short preloading ( About three seconds, set by TIM001) And then forming ( By TIM002 set) , delay time, By TIM003 set) , send the product finally, until the left of table left limit down, the whole process over. The working process of the workbench right the same as the above process.

2) PLC controller program

for different materials, heating time of different requirements, we can through the CP1H external analog potentiometer to convenient setting time, without frequent, speaking, reading and writing program to change the set value of the timer. Its usage is set the external analog input terminals in CP1HCPU unit applying 0 ~ 10 v voltage, the input voltage for the A/D conversion, and can be special auxiliary relay A642CH current value in the range of 0 ~ 225 free to change. In the D2, the contents of A642CH converts it to BCD number, and then multiplied by a certain multiple of deposit D0, within the D0 value as the timer value can be realized. Program implementation as shown in figure 3.

around the workbench of the PLC controller control program, the only left the workbench of the PLC controller program, as shown in figure 4.

3 system function characteristic

( 1) Manual/automatic selection

sometimes need to consider the production process manual operation, manual/automatic selection is set by the system. Automatic work mode, suction machine can automatically finish the whole production process, improve production efficiency.

( 2) Safety and energy saving

fixed heating box, little heat loss, fill up fast, heat preservation and heat insulation. Automatic timing heating pressure and pressure, safe and convenient, and mouth, the heating box set observation operation high yield.

( 3) Adaptive

for different materials, such as PVC, wood veneer, the heating time is different, through panel potentiometer can set a time, without changes to the program.

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