Using PLC technology to design a kind of low cost and high efficiency of materials automatic sorting device -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-28
With the rapid development of society, market competition is more and more fierce, every production enterprises urgently need to improve production technology, improve production efficiency. In requires material sorting enterprises, for example, in the past have always been traded using the manual sorting method, the production efficiency is low, the production cost is high, the enterprise competition ability is poor, most of the enterprises to choose the automatic sorting slowly. Aiming at these problems, using PLC technology to design a kind of low cost and high efficiency of materials automatic sorting device, in the process of material sorting achieved good control effect. A, sorting device requirements

1, the sorting process

after the system is powered on, programmable controller control to start the first conveyor belt, SN detection sensor material chute and presence of material, without material, conveyer belt automatically stop after running a cycle for the material; When chute had expected, the sensor output signal to PLC controller, PLC control conveyor belt carries on, at the same time control pneumatic valve 5 for blanking, blanking time interval can be adjusted at a time. SA material sensor for inductance sensor, when detect the material for the iron material, feedback signal to the PLC, controlled by PLC pneumatic valve 1 action select the material; Material sensor SB for capacitance sensor, when detect the material for aluminum material, feedback signal to the PLC, controlled by PLC pneumatic valve 2 actions to select the material; SC material sensor for color sensor, when detect the color of the material for the color to be detected, PLC control pneumatic valve 3 action select the materials. Material sensillum SD for spare sensors. When the system is set for sorting a certain color of metal or nonmetal material, from the condition of program memory and sensors, finish sorting task.

2, functional requirement (

1) Sorting out the metal and nonmetal

2) Sorting a color block

3) Sorting out a color of the metal block

4) Sorting out a color block of the non-metallic

5) Sorting out a color of the metal and nonmetal a color blocks of

3, control requirements

1) Electric transmission system, photoelectric encoder can occur the required pulse

2) The motor running, drive transmission belt transmission objects run forward

3) Have a material, blanking cylinder of materials will be sent to the

4) When the inductance sensor to detect iron material, cylinder 1 press

5) When the capacitance sensor detects the aluminum material, cylinder 2 press

6) When color sensor detected material for a certain color, cylinder 3 press

7) Other materials are sent to SD position, push cylinder 4

8) Cylinder operation should be action limit protection

9) Blanking blanking groove, the delay after automatic stop

1, control system, PLC selection

18 according to the above requirements, the system needs to input, output, six by budget and understanding, the design USES is the CPU224A + 221 - the letter 1BF22。

3, the sorting summary

material using programmable controller PLC control, continuous, large quantities of quantities to sorting the goods, sorting error rate lower and the intensity of labor is greatly reduced, can significantly improve labor productivity. And sorting system can flexibly the seamless connection with other logistics equipment, realize the material allocation and management of material flow, material flow. Using standardized, modular assembly, the design has the system layout is flexible, maintenance, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic, by site cause little impact. At the same time, as long as the sorting according to different objects, this system can be slightly modified implementation requirements.

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