Using PLC to complete production ingredients - shallow of application design Industrial control -

by:Coolmay     2020-06-28
With advances in science and technology, requirement is higher and higher degree of automation, the original production feeding device far cannot satisfy the needs of the highly automated. Reduce labor intensity and ensure the security and reliability of production, reduce production costs, reduce environmental pollution, improve product quality and economic benefit is the enterprise to generate major issues to be faced with. Based on the PLC ( Programmable logic controller) Control the automatic batching system of automatic control technology, measurement technology, new sensor technology, computer management technology in a body. This design USES the more letter company in shenzhen OYES CPU226CN 200 series, designed an automatic control system with 2 line. This system consists of 12 input output points and 12 points, 9 motor control, two solenoid valve and an overload alarm bell, implement automatic blanking line ingredients, transmitting and mixture mixing, etc. Finally using the MCGS configuration software to simulation, batching control system for monitoring and early warning on the production, at the same time also provide historical data query functions.

automatic batching system is one for all sorts of different types of materials ( Solid or liquid) In transmission, proportion, heating, mixing and finished product packaging of the whole production process automation production line. Widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, food, feed processing and other industries. Because in the industrial production, often encounter a variety of ratio control. In manual state, need according to the production situation is calculated for each material proportioning, and then according to the ideal ratio were calculated for each material feed rate, on the device set respectively, so as to meet the requirements of proportion. When production situation changes, need to change the shoes, you will need to calculate the value of each material, again again set respectively. This way of manual calculation, operation time is long, and error-prone, bring many adverse factors in production. And PLC controller control mode and novel frequency control of motor speed feeding mechanism, with batching control software packages, ratio of material transfer, control, formulation design, production data management, and other functions, and can implement multiple ingredients through the network system is a collection of control.

production batching control system design based on industrial production needs, complete production batching system based on PLC automatic control of the process, and use the MCGS configuration software configuration simulation and monitoring. Design requirements

use the more letter company in shenzhen OYES 200 series PLC controller and MCGS configuration software, the design could satisfy the requirement of control automatic batching control system, and complete the following tasks: 1)

Main circuit design, and draw the wiring diagram.

2) Distributed I/O address allocation list.

3) Design system control program block diagram.

4) According to the control ladder diagram program block diagram design of the system.

5) Computer debugging through.

6) The system to make use of the MCGS configuration software simulation run. Control requirements

this design of automatic batching system is as follows: 1)

The automatic batching system can complete automatic batching control of two kinds of material.

2) Based on PLC control, the realization of cutting of various materials, feeding motor control and accurate control of material under the shoes.

3) Application of MCGS configuration software, operating system for the production process monitoring, real-time data, historical data query and motor fault alarm and report query. Production batch system hardware design

a chart the system hardware design based on switch button to open and close as the input signal, by CPU sends out the output signal, motor and solenoid valve control function.

this design to the PC for the PC. When press the start button, PLC controller according to the input command, a corresponding output signal control each function motor movement, thus finish line control requirements.

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