Using S7 - To control the S110 servo drive - 1500

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02
System configuration

hardware configuration is as follows: CPU - 1513 1 PN 6 es7 513 - 1 al00 - 6 av2 124 - 0 ab0tp900安慰 0 jc01 - 0 ax0sinamics件CU305 PN V4。 4 6SL3 040- 0 ja01 - 0 aa0sinamics件CU305 PN V4。 4 6SL3 040- 0 ja01 - PLC controller system configuration, process shaft configuration A and PLC controller configuration

B, horizontal axis configuration

C, vertical axis configuration

D, insert process object Axis_H and Axis_V

E, craft objects Axis_H configuration

note: the message to be consistent with the configuration of message inside the Starter; The reference speed, maximum speed, single step, revolutions, GN_XIST1, GN_XIST2 parameters after the Starter online check inside.

reduction ratio, pitch junan actual situation.

soft and hard limit may not be configured at the beginning of debugging, such as the late perfect add again can. Starter configuration A, create A new project

Config drive unit

message and process inside the shaft configuration should agree. Manual debugging of PLC programming A and drive can make

B, drive StatusWord, ErrorWord, WarningWord read

C, motor current position read

D, process alarm reset programming

E, dynamic programming point

F, back to zero programming

G, absolute position sports programming

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