Using the Siemens PLC to control the servo - 1217 c

by:Coolmay     2020-06-02
Only supports yaskawa yaskawa servo drive control system of communication protocol MECHATROLINK - II。 And other manufacturers of PLC controller with using the current way is the pulse sequence is used to control. This example USES the Siemens 1217 c PLC to control the servo.

wiring, yaskawa drive adopts different control method, connection is also slightly different. We are in position mode as an example is introduced. Hardware wiring diagram is as follows:

cooperate with 1217 c wiring diagram is as follows:

l software configuration yaskawa servo driver debugging SigmaWin + can be used, the software can be downloaded from the website. After installation open interface is as follows:

click on the 'menu' button to choose the connection at the start of the servo.

connection on the computer system will automatically search the yaskawa servo drives. Below:

automatic search function to search to connect the servo and motor, don't have to configure some related parameters of the motor. Click 'connect'. Drive from below you can see connections.

click configuration, can open the drive parameters configuration interface. As follows:

we could start to inching operation of motor, check the wiring is correct.

the following configuration parameters of the drive. To access the edit parameter table, set the direction of rotation:

setting control method for position control:

setting position control of some parameters, such as: instruction pulse form, choice of filter, such as filter selected depending on the type of controller.

then you need to set up the distribution of the input and output signals, the distribution mode selection 1;

( / S - ) Choose signal distribution ON ( Closed) Effective;

forward and reverse driving ban distribution, the signal is always choose fixed for positive &negative can drive.

because the motor for the absolute value encoder, so SEN end need to be set to ON, the default is 5 v input is valid. There is no 5 v power supply, so the modified into CN1 - 40 carry ON effectively.

after setting the parameters, from the PLC controller can control the motor movement.

the last item is to change the gear ratio, make the PLC controller program and the actual motor running laps. This motor encoder for 24-bit resolution of the encoder. So, receive one revolution of the 16777216 pulse motor. Siemens process shaft set one revolution of the 1000 pulse, so the electronic gear ratio is 16777216/1000.

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