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by:Coolmay     2020-07-06
Canned food has many advantages, can be stored at room temperature and circulation, well preserved natural fresh food color, flavor and nutritional value; The principle of filling food depend on sealing sterilization, meet commercial aseptic requirements, don't need any preservatives are not allowed to join. Canned materials mainly divided into the tin plating steel sheet and aluminum, because the aluminum cans has light weight, no smell non-toxic, easy processing and recycle use of advantages of gradually become the mainstream of canned beverages, but at the same time, aluminous material mechanical performance is low, need to tank in the process of canned inert gas injection safety, enhance the mechanical strength of tank, achieve the goal of conducive to transport circulation.

online internal pressure testing machine is to use normal product tank have the characteristics of a certain pressure, high speed movement of each tank for the online sealing pressure within the cans after sterilization, the sealing during the process of filling and sterilization have bad product ( Below the lower limit of pressure) And may produce blowout (in sales in the process of transportation Above the high limit pressure) Before entering the packaging products are given out, thus ensuring are sealed performance is good, the tank pressure is moderate.

figure 1: internal pressure testing machine measuring principle figure

internal pressure testing machine basic working principle is as follows: after sealed cans again after high temperature sterilization products, are led into the internal pressure testing machine conveyor belt, two parallel soft belt transporting 'were pot' clamping forward, can through force transducer, the moment the internal pressure conduction to force transducer, the controller collection into a single jar in a cycle through the force transducer enough data points, form a complete pressure waveform, these data points through the algorithm can get the jar inner pressure value of the products, and by comparing the 'upper limit' and 'lower limit' parameter, decide whether to remove the product.

: (figure 2 On) VIPA 313 - 5 bf13 ( Below) VIPA SLIO CPU015

the original control system is the special controller Europe imported equipment, spare parts cost is very high, after transforming one well-known German brand PLC system, its internal high-speed interrupt the fastest only 1 ms, and limited by processing speed, the actual sampling period is the fastest can only achieve> 3 ms, production line can barely reach speeds of more than 600 cans per minute, but less because of sampling point error is large, lead to eliminate device mistakenly hit rate is higher, waste is serious, internal pressure testing machine become the bottleneck of the whole production line, production efficiency, so add the stupa technology researchers have been investigating PLC products which can meet the application requirements, requirements: module short reaction time, analog conversion fast, CPU sampling period is short, high operation speed, cost not too high. After both sides repeatedly demonstrated and online experiment, VIPA 313 - 5 bf13 truly achieve the sampling period of 1 ms, raised points sampled by nearly four times, detection accuracy is improved significantly, effectively reduce the error rate, sharply reduced the waste; More happily, choose VIPA SLIO series 015 CPU and construct the system of high-speed signal module, sampling frequency can than VIPA 313 - again 5 bf13 4 times, backplane transmission rate, technical indicators, such as analog conversion time is also improved, system sampling period can be up to 250 microseconds, fully able to meet the needs of production line for 1200 cans per minute. At this point, based on the technique of SPEED7 processor VIPA 300 s and the excellent properties of SLIO series PLC controller has made full validation, and gradually promote the use in add much treasure each factory.

figure 3: add the stupa internal pressure testing machine pictures

at present, plus the stupa has in a number of factory internal pressure testing machine using the VIPA PLC controller control system, to promote the efficiency of internal pressure testing machine, effectively improve the efficiency of the whole production line production, as more and more testing pause with VIPA products, will add much treasure market competitiveness more far-reaching impact. More meaningful, can promote the application of results to the same kind of food and beverage industry equipment manufacturers, with the VIPA SPEED7 technology support, users only need to input at low cost, can bring the multiplication benefit, solve the bottleneck of the enterprise, help enterprise competitiveness!

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