VIPA the role of touch screen and PLC in temperature control system

by:Coolmay     2020-07-05
An overview,

this project a total of 38 group of coil air conditioning and the 3-way valve, automatic control, 自动控制) In which there is no people directly involved in the case, the use of additional equipment or device, the machine, device, or a working state of the production process or parameters automatically according to the predetermined rules. Automatic control is of relative to manual control concept. Refers to in no one involved in the case, use control device to make the object or process automatically run at predetermined rules. Adopt the automatic control for each air conditioning outlet temperature and set temperature error range within 1 ℃. The selected device to the technology advancement and reliability of products; Operation, display is simple, function is perfect, to meet the long-term operation conditions; System has the feasibility of the extension to upgrade at any time.

2, control principle and structure of

1, the central control room

central control room with industrial control computer ( Upper ifixes system) , and through the field PLC control station of the Modbus interface pass data to it. = of PLC Programmable Logic Controller, Programmable Logic Controller, a digital computing operation of electronic systems, specially designed for applications in industrial environment. It USES a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user-oriented instructions, and through the digital or analog input/output control various types of machinery or production process. Is the core part of industrial control. Early programmable controller called programmable logic controller ( 可编程序逻辑控制器,PLC) It mainly used instead of relay realize logic control. With the development of technology, which USES a microcomputer technology of industrial control device functionality is considerably more than the scope of logic control, therefore, today the device called the programmable controller, hereinafter referred to as PC. But in order to avoid and personal computer ( 个人电脑) Referred to as 'confused, so will be referred to as PLC programmable controller, PLC data device companies in the United States since 1966, 12月) Development, currently the United States, Japan, Germany programmable controller, good quality powerful.

2, field control station is divided into two control station 1 # control station (


20 control valve, and a touch screen embedded installation. 2 # control station (


18 valve control, and a touch screen embedded installation.

control station 1 #, 2 # control station even is controlled with the computer communications lost, also can ensure the normal running on your own. 3,

field control station communication way, field control station adopt VIPA200V series PLC each PLC field station can be run independently and control equipment. Have a MPI interface on PLC, the PLC field station through the MPI interface through the MPI communication cable and is located in the control station VIPA touch screen. VIPA touch screen displays the local control station of the real-time data display and control.

4, system structure diagram


through controlling manner of sensors to detect temperature and set temperature automatic adjustment of the corresponding valve, PID approach. PID program running in the PLC controller, using the Siemens STEP7 programming software programming. When the temperature higher than the set temperature, the output of the PID increasing cooling water flow rate valve opening, on the other hand when the temperature is lower than the set temperature will reduce the cooling water valve opening. This will eventually make the scene temperature stability in the value in the attachment.

each valve has a PLC - 1 AO quarter-turn actuators, control valve and by PLC - 1 AI real-time monitoring of the valve quarter-turn actuators execution status.

each air conditioning export has a temperature sensor, the temperature signal is connected to the PLC controller.

VIPA touch screen in real time to reflect the valve and temperature in real time state, and can be manual control, VIPA touch screen can choose by upper monitor software master or by a local master VIPA touch screen. VIPA touch screen to WINCE operating system, configuration software for MOVICON. Four, conclusion

from the whole system design, commissioning and delivery of users in a short span of three months time, now have normal operation, the user reflect good.

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