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by:Coolmay     2020-07-01
Automatic reflow soldering is a widely used in electronic industry, it can make components on both sides of the solder melts and motherboard, one of the heating system USES what is technology?

1, the heating system by controlling the computer + mitsubishi PLC controller for precision control, through the PID intelligent operation, automatic control calorific value, the fuzzy control function increase overshoot and inhibiting function and fast response to changes in external heat function, fast response to the change of the external heat and through the internal control to ensure more balanced temperature; Temperature error, fault diagnosis, sound and light alarm function; The whole furnace can be on open, is advantageous for the chamber of a stove or furnace clean.

2, heating system using special heat wire heating technology in Taiwan; Adopt imported large current solid-state relay contact output, safe, reliable, equipped with SSR radiator, radiator efficiency is greatly improved, effectively prolong the service life;

3, fever components all adopt the imported high quality components, to ensure the high stability and reliability of the whole system, the more can guarantee long life; Combined with PID fuzzy control function of PLC controller, to monitor the change of ambient temperature and heat value, with small pulse control heating device, fast response, to ensure accuracy of temperature control + 2 ℃, the temperature distribution inside the machine error within + / - 5 ℃, temperature distribution in the IPC standards length direction.

reflow soldering technology is no stranger in the electronics manufacturing domain, using various computer components on the board is welded on the circuit board through this process, the device within a heating circuit, heated to a high enough temperature to air or nitrogen after blowing has good components of circuit boards, components on both sides of the solder melts and motherboard bonding. This process has the advantage of easy temperature control, the welding process can avoid oxidation, the manufacturing cost is also easier to control.

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