What is the structure of PLC and PLC - - programmable logic

by:Coolmay     2020-07-02
One heard most of the questions is what is PLC, actually a little official answer is simple: programmable logic controller. Then try to use easy to point the way to resolve it.

a: compared with the relay control system ( Composed of contactor, relay, time relay electric cabinet) PLC control system simple wiring. Like a relay and time relay on PLC controller internal thousands of tens of thousands of ( Non-food exists, called soft components in PLC) 。

2: reliability is higher than relay control system, PLC controller control system without the relay and time relay connection and logical relationship between contact aging problem. On the electrical cabinet volume has obvious advantages.

3: can the man-machine interface ( Touch screen) Communication control, can go to a lot of less button input signals generated by the link. Through the touch screen can also implement the data input, all kinds of monitoring, graphical display devices.

4: the transistor type PLC can output pulse signals of stepper motor drive and servo motor drive control.

5: PLC controller can realize complex calculations, and PID, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and so on.

Anyone who has seen the latest plc controller price plc manufacturers in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
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