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by:Coolmay     2020-06-17
Quick connection module

fast connection module will control incase of electrical accessories, Such as switch, relay, isolator, safety barrier, terminals, insurance, etc. ) Together, increased the various protection, instructions, and convenient installation, modification, maintenance, service elements, designed in modular structure of the series of products, including a variety of analog and digital signal input and output, power distribution, etc. , adopt the unified standard installation size, component design, transparent instructs the be clear at a glance, for system integration, operation maintenance bring great convenience. Wiring products, this product belongs to the province of the savings is wiring rather than components, it is not a simple element integration, but on the basis of the integration and increased the elements of a conventional conditions is not easy to achieve.

with the expansion of industrial equipment, system density is higher and higher, the risk is bigger and bigger. DCS/PLC controller system has replaced conventional instrument for control, security and stability control system of demand is higher and higher, xinda technology fast connection module series of products are also rising, more efficient power control system of the security and stability.

instrument operation and management importance and purpose of

with the development of petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad, as well as to the requirement of increasing the automation level, the production process detection and control in the process of instrument failure phenomenon is becoming more and more complicated. Judging correctly and timely processing instrument faults in the production process, not only directly related to the security and stability of production, but also relates to the quality of the products, the consumption of energy and materials.

most instrument faults can be through the analysis of the inspection, measuring, previous methods effectively avoid, instrument in front of the 'disease' is usually a precursor, how to discover the hidden trouble of the instrument equipment in time, the accidents in the bud, instrument operation and management is particularly important.

under the premise of the normal use of instruments, as far as possible to eliminate the potential risks, improve the instrument of standardisation do instrument operations management is an important purpose.

comprehensively enhance the level of protection and increase the system operation safety reliability

1, the power supply security fast connection module with dual redundant power supply: ac power supply, dc power supply, switch equipment, power lines, and simple use redundant modules and compared the two pieces of power supply, the redundant power supply contains full redundant power supply, switch equipment and lines, is the real meaning of the power system redundancy, as long as there is all the work can maintain normal power supply. The traditional way of double power supply with redundant module only covers the ac power supply and dc power supply side, can't cover the power switch and power lines.

through the pressure surge protection: adopt comprehensive power protection, even if the series with a power supply circuit high pressure signal, can quickly remove hazards, also won't affect the normal work of the module.

2, connection safety

signal contained in the transmission from the traditional screw instead of welding pressure, with the three major heavy-duty anticorrosion measures: solder joint use of protective paint coverage, gold-plated connectors, tin wire, greatly reduce the probability of poor contact corrosion occasion in, enhance operation reliability.

3, overhaul safety

enhanced signal protection: for AI, DI adopted to strengthen the protection measures, AI series with two wire system transmitter site short circuit, DI alternating current (ac) can stimulate the protection action, ensure the security of the system input channel.

patent technology does not remove the current measurement: current reduced maintenance staff technological literacy, seriously endanger security system. Fast connection module can use ordinary multimeter or we develop special equipment maintenance work, without having to remove the signal detection process. Reduce maintenance personnel are not familiar with the line, the multimeter current file, wrong and circuit, the recovery process safety accidents caused by the fault of by virtual etc, to ensure normal operation of equipment and systems.

quick pull plug structure: replacement of safety barrier and isolator, relay without a stitch, instantaneous, can be realized with electric plug. High density installation condition, the replacement of convenience to reduce the maintenance process of misconnection, accidentally touch trigger operation link failure, reduced the hidden trouble of significant production run.

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