Which good - PLC and CNC programming

by:Coolmay     2020-07-07

PLC and CNC programming which better? If from the application, it should be said that action objects belong to two people! Do electrical automation is people use PLC programming, mechanical processing industries need programming of numerical control machine tool! So, this belongs to the two industries, which is better, it should be said that it is difficult to compare!

however, if you are a CNC lathe production unit of development engineer, here on the edge of the numerical control programming should be programming and mechanical researchers say is not the same! A answer before a wukong q&a, numerical control machine tool is also useful to the PLC inside, but in addition to the PLC of the CPU, and a dedicated CNC control system of NCU, so from the system, CNC system to learn knowledge is more than the PLC system.

personal understanding of the nc machine tool is not much, but in the sense of numerical control system at the core of the NCU programming should be accuracy and difficulty will be greater than the difficulty of PLC programming, so if is the programming of NCU, it should be said that this well, will be more promising than learn PLC programming, because the number people should say will be smaller than the PLC, is relatively more professional!

learn PLC is taking equipment electrical line, CNC programming is usually CNC.

if taking equipment electrical line, just learn to PLC is not enough, but also learn a lot of things, can be a electrical engineer, but this is only one direction.

learned numerical control programming, can be directly seek CNC machining work, engaged in machining, if want to further enhance, can choose to study and master machining, or choose the CNC electrical direction development.

actually learn to learn any language, is the rare talent, social individuals prefer point of PLC controller.

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