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Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning

Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning

Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning
  • Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning
  • Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning
  • Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning

Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning

Coolmay HMI/PLC all-in-one provides better solutions for machine manufacturers and end users by integrating PLC,HMI,I/O and analog.Easy to use,cost saving and high flexibility,it becomes more and more popular.It uses pluggable terminals on the inputs and outputs,power supplies,making installation and maintenance easier.Some users may not have any electrical knowledge,but they will be able to disassemble and install the device ,no need to worry how to wire.If the equipment broke down,manufactures can only replace a new one instead of door-to-door maintenance.
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◆ Product Description


The maximum amount of switching is 12 in 12out (switching transistor or relay can be selected); 

the analog quantity is up to 16AI/8AO

10 inch HMI+PLC all-in-one,

1 analog inputs: 0-10V as defaul

RS232, RS485 port on PL

 Features: The power supply is external, safe and efficient, the occupied space is greatly reduced, and the failure rate is reduced by 90%. The input and output and power terminals are all pluggable and easy to install and maintain.

Coolmay EX3G-100HA Series 10-inch PLC HMI All In One integrates PLC controller, HMI, input/output and analog control. It is powerful, highly integrated, and has the advantage of saving installation space and reducing cost. It can be flexibly customized according to customer requirements. It is an upgraded product of traditional touch screen and PLC, and comes with WINCE system, completely replacing the industrial computer, which is more powerful than the industrial computer.

In particular, our PLC HMI All In One input and output terminals and power terminals use pluggable terminals, making installation and maintenance particularly convenient. Even if the equipment fails, the equipment manufacturer only needs to replace one without the need for on-site service. Reduce your product maintenance costs.

Product parameters:

Display: 65536 true color 10" TFT LCD screen,  1024 * 600 pixel resolution

Brightness: 300cd / m2

Power consumption: 6~8W

Running memory: RAM:128MB ROM:128MB , support WINCE 7.0 system;


Dimensions: 275*194*36mm;

Display size: 222*125mm;

Opening size: 262*180mm.

1. Analog input type is Type E/E_/K/K_/S/S_/T/T_/J/J_thermocouple/PT100 / PT1000 / / NTC10K / NTC50K / NTC100K/0-10V / 0-5V / -5V~5V/-10V~10V/0-20MA / 4-20MA /mixed.Analog out type is 0~10V/0~5V/0~20MA/4~20MA/mixed/-5~5V/-10V~10V(2AD for 1 minus voltage)

2.communication port:1 Rs485 or 2 Rs485 COM ports(one is changed from the default Rs232 port),CAN(2.0A/B),Ethernet port(can not coexist with HMI Ethernet port),WIFI(will occur the default Rs232)

3.High speed counting is single phase 6 channel 60KHz,or 2 AB 60KHz+1AB 10KHz,or 2 ABZ 60KHz+1 AB phase 10 KHz.High speed pulse is 8 channels,Y0-Y3 is 100KHz,Y4-Y7 is 10KHz.High speed counting + high-speed pulse<480KHz.

Coolmay EX3G-100KH 10" PLC HMI All In One features:

1. Compatible with Mitsubishi Software WORKS 2;

2. It can be specifically encrypted. If the password is set to 12345678, illegal reading is completely disabled.

3. The switch quantity and analog quantity are highly integrated and can be flexibly selected;

4. The rail mounting and fixing holes are installed in two ways, which is convenient to install;

5. The appearance is flat, the thickness is 36mm, and the occupied space is small;

6. Powerful, basically meet all the requirements of small and medium-sized equipment.

Product Parameters

Wholesale industrial logic controls Supply for central air conditioning-1


Packaging:The products will be under testing for 1-3 days and packed with carton box .

The package will include:

* 1 set of plc device+cables 

* Software and manuals are free of charge.They are available on our website or please contact our sales team for download links.


By courier, door to door

For samples, the package will be delivered by DHL/UPS/FedEx/EMS express. Usually it will take 3-7 days to your location. 

Post service

If you are not hurry but need economical delivery, we can go with packet channel. The delivery time depends on your location.

Air shipping or by sea

f bulk order, the packages will be delivered by air shipping or by ship. 

 As some local customs require specific information for local import, please offer the information if you need the package to be sent to these countries.

India:  PAN or IEC or GST number

Peru: Tax number

Argentina: Tax number

Chile: Tax number

Brazil: CNPJ or CPF number

Bulgaria: Tax number for DHL shipping 

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The manufacture of Coolmay industrial logic controls complies with the regulations for furniture safety and environmental requirements. It has passed flame retardant testing, chemical flammability testing, and other element testings. This product is known for its wide viewing angle
Coolmay industrial logic controls goes through a range of production processes, including materials cleaning, drilling, laser cutting, extruding, engraving, surface polishing, and quality inspection. No crease left when it is compressed or folded
Coolmay industrial logic controls undergoes a wide range of manufacturing steps. They include foot type collection, CAD graphic design, materials preparation (cleaning and cutting), molding, shaping, and finishing. It is steady enough with no jerking
The design of Coolmay industrial logic controls takes many characteristics into consideration. They include function, comfort, durability, flexibility, waterproof and breathable materials, style, marketability, and cost. It provides an extra level of ease of use and portability
A broad range of performance tests for Coolmay industrial logic controls has been conducted. They are anti-bacterial testing, abrasion resistance testing, moisture-wicking, rigidity, and strength testing. It is steady enough with no jerking
The product outperforms others in terms of durability, performance. The height of this product can be easily and smoothly adjusted
When it comes to functions, our industrial logic controls has more evident advantages, such as industrial logic controls. High definition text, graphics, images or videos can be clearly shown on this product
The product surpasses the similar products in terms of service life. It offers super shadow detailing performance
industrial logic controls endows with excellent technique and stable quality. This product is available in a variety of sizes
It has more comprehensive and reliable functions compared with other products. Its tight and crisp edge provides the maximum on-screen image
The multiple functions for industrial logic controls is highly recognized by our customers. This product allows for easy assembly and disassembly
Shenzhen Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. adopts international management standards to ensure that the enterprise management innovation. This product can be quickly set up, which helps save installation time
The product can withstand market tests and customer considerations. This product has the advantage of high contrast
The latest technology has been put into production of industrial logic controls. This product has the advantage of high contrast
Professional and suitable packaging for industrial logic controls will be offered.
Aided by our experienced team, the customer service of Coolmay is highly recommended by our customers. With a low reflective rate, this product provides a clear viewing effect
With the excellent properties, the market application of the product is rather positive. The height of this product can be easily and smoothly adjusted
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