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by:Coolmay     2020-07-03
A lot of people actually want to buy a q learning PLC PLC or PLC case study? Today let's say the problem.

Siemens machine learning

as we all know, in fact, now many college students have been on the button will only theoretical rather than practical ability hat, no matter whether this is true, but it has exposed a disadvantages of Chinese education, it is focus on theory of textbook, and ignoring the practical application, but can be seen from the examination mechanism.

especially involves the PLC this automation field of practical use, the operator's experience and practical ability is more people see, so I suggest that we want to learn quickly and PLC, then buy a machine is imperative.

watch video, this is in order to make clear the theoretical knowledge of reading, the role of the physical machine PLC is to let people through practice operation to improve the beginning ability, combining theory and practice in accordance with the present market demand.

mitsubishi chassis learning

mouth says, let's specific see why PLC to learn several reasons to buy.

1, can make learners more as realistic an experience as the practical application environment, improve their practical ability. When external hardware connection, only oneself operation, the PLC will have a more profound understanding, as well as to know the circuit diagram, so as to learn to draw a circuit diagram.

, for example: the button which is normally open normally closed contacts number? Intermediate relay and 0 v to 24 v in which terminal? How to determine the input and output of PLC public termination 0 v or 24 v? These are basic knowledge, but if there is no practical use is easy to confuse and not easy to image.

2, and is advantageous to the instruction. Although there are many PLC simulation software, has the function of most of validation instructions, but not all, differences and the real machine is validated by computer simulation.

such as: high speed processing instruction, communication control instruction, must pass a physical machine can be verified.

3, while studying the man-machine interface to the man-machine online simulation. Though now some brand of man-machine program can synchronization simulation on the computer and PLC controller, but most of the communications between different brands will not be able to make two pieces of software on the computer at the same time. In the online simulation function of man-machine will come in handy, computer and PLC as the man-machine communication, can be the validator correctly or not.

4, in the process of solid exercise, also can experience with software programming, program download, online modification, online monitoring and other functions, can the concrete ways to solve the actual problems one by one bring convenience after operation.

5, the last one is to spend so much money to buy a machine, you mean throw no? It is also your motivation to learn!

PLC Siemens chassis

learning right way:

1, be familiar with PLC, read more, see manual programming manual, hardware manuals, communication, to be clear of PLC controller application areas, and ways of working, several commonly used instructions and PLC hardware of PLC have probably understanding.

2, see more successful case of PLC program, first from the simple case began to look at the small program, could start to use someone else's, but must learn to write, even if is a small, then try the running effect of programming itself, can I know my own shortcomings, to leak fill a vacancy, from to use other people to write their own, is a big jump, don't think I understand, I can write on formal occasions, in order to facilitate to use off-the-shelf, this is wrong, the old saying goes: eye again, be inferior to hand over, and this process is to cultivate your programming thinking and thinking about the project process, is very important.

after 3, simple PLC program will basically, can contact gradually large PLC programming ideas, such as structured programming, modular programming, the programming sequence. 。 。

4, for the average content, master the law can be, but for special module of PLC, and can be used only in certain project procedures and instructions, for example: AI, AO, stepper, servo positioning, communication and counting. 。 。 Will separate memory, and learn to accumulate, well note.

finally want to say is: run into a project must first learn to analysis, learn to pieces, dividing a project into several small pieces, and broken, some small problems gradually achieve little feature, to some extent, can improve the efficiency of programming, reduce the workload. In a word, if you don't practice learning PLC, may be to learn, but must detour, spend as much time cost and manpower cost.

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