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by:Coolmay     2020-06-10
The focus of the PLC programming is to simulate the original operation process, the control process are done by the program runs. So the core content is the process of program description. So you need to familiar with PLC program and the realization of the function of the basic language. PLC ladder diagram language points and statement and function diagram 3 kinds.

commonly used is the ladder diagram, the basic logic description, suitable for use in a statement table is suitable for the data processing, some relatively difficult to understand. Suitable functional diagram of stepping type of state function description, with not much.

learn need to install the corresponding software, each manufacturer has a lot of differences, but are similar. Next to some understanding of basic electrical logic control, the third is unceasingly oneself simulation programming practice, and finally is related program on the Internet looking for their study, make clear the logic process, and the new editor again, so you can have a certain understanding.

and then constantly practice, enhance the ability.

electrician learning PLC's four big reasons for


have electrician foundation have advantage, for these learning PLC industrial control knowledge is possess obvious advantages! Simple circuit knowledge, and then to learn programming, the programming easier. DianGongSuo to master the knowledge is the basic knowledge of industrial control, on the basis of understanding to the back of the study to lay a solid foundation! And learn PLC is the electrician are better among the industry. How many people idea of a good job: less money to live, near home. As long as you learn PLC can have now!

second, pay promotion

understand PLC programming and don't understand the PLC programming technician salary must be different, learn PLC technology can let you Dally over wages and jobs are going up, it's a simple industrial control industry, technology is the most important of a card is shining. Why do you say the best investment is yourself? People often said in the financial sector and investment risks. In the industry, the technology is our iron rice bowl, so the best investment is yourself! Learn more knowledge always right!

third, learn to do?

you must be don't know, when you learn to PLC, inverter, servo, you will need to contact kingview, man-machine interface plus and communication between various devices. Your life will not be the same control from now on. When you master these knowledge, you have is a prescription drops engineer! Is no longer a common electrician.

4, seize the opportunity

human life is always so short, when you are in fantasy you in the future a better life, people have been struggling. When you suddenly realize that chance it had slipped by! Now is the rapid development of electrical industry important moment, 2015 China's manufacturing industry in transition, even rich * kang factory has been to adopt famous robot, this requires a lot of technicians to maintain. This is an opportunity of fate! The choice of the success is very important.

old electrician said such a sentence:

now that s not learn PLC, that is equivalent to an elementary school student, also, it will only a little addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is a bit difficult ladder diagram or there is no way to understand the programming formula.

PLC control is the automated control of the mainstream, at present, the automation machine control USES mostly PLC control, as long as you are personnel engaged in automation, then you will have to use the PLC, otherwise you will not into the automatic control of the door, or eliminated by automation industry.

a small example. If you will PLC programming, you have some old equipment, maintenance, you don't have to apply for, and leadership is directly with PLC controller to abandon, is simple and quick, the device is better than the original performance, it can in the new and old equipment, and can get the appreciation of leadership, you have the opportunity to raise capital will have to talk about pay. Learn to PLC also means that you will have more chances of employment. May be some people would say, using PLC to change will cost is very high, but it is not, in recent years, along with the domestic PLC, PLC already very low, the price of the domestic PLC price of about a third of the price of imported PLC. Sometimes the loading device with PLC controller electrical box even cheaper than a traditional electrical. If a device with a couple of time relay, with several intermediate relay, also want to a few hundred dollars, which is almost the price of a domestic PLC. Whereas the use PLC will be more simple, the performance will be better.

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